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Norwegian Tine and Shaker Boxes.

Norwegian and Shaker inspired bentwood boxes and carriers. Turned wood bowls and carved wooden spoons.


Woodworking has been a part of my life since I was very young. My fascination with wood has taken me in many directions. After becoming proficient in steam-bending and carving, a whole new world opened, allowing me to design and make vessels in sizes and shapes not possible with other woodworking techniques. I am inspired by Scandinavian and Shaker folk art. My goal is to take this art form to the level of fine craft.

I use fine domestic and exotic hardwoods, often combining different woods that work well together.

Although my work is decorative in nature, the fit and finish of a piece is important to me. I want my work to be used as you see fit, and to last a lifetime.

I always stand behind my work.

Thank you for your interest.
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Welcome to my store

All the pieces you see here are made by me in my woodworking shop.

Presently, I have some of my Shaker style boxes and a couple of my Norwegian Tine boxes for sale. I will be listing more items in the near future. I will have turned wood bowls, carved spoons, and more bentwood boxes and carriers. You can find more of my work by clicking on the link below. I accept PayPal. Remember, PayPal is a bank, so they will accept any credit card. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to use it.


Shaker boxes (bentwood boxes)

No. 6 Shaker style bentwood box

A Shaker inspired bentwood box that can be used for many purposes. You can use this decorative box In your sewing room or anywhere around the home or office. Although the Shakers would never think of decorating their boxes, I enjoy wood-burning, and I hope you like the added artistic look. FREE SHIPPING


No. 6 Shaker style bentwood box

This bentwood box is inspired by old Shaker boxes and made using modern woodworking techniques. It is light weight yet very strong. I make this boxes to last a lifetime. FREE SHIPPING


No. 6 Shaker style bentwood box

A great box for storing all those keepsakes and treasures. Lightweight yet strong, and made to last a lifetime. The top fits just snugly enough to keep from falling off as you carry it around, but removes easily. FREE SHIPPING


No. 6 Shaker style bentwood box

This is a Shaker style bentwood box made in the traditional style using modern woodworking techniques. It is great box for sewing supplies or buttons. There is no end to the things you can store in this box. It is lightweight yet strong. FREE SHIPPING




Turned Wood Bowls

Box Elder Bowl

A turned Box Elder bowl, with a wood-burned and colored ribbon image around the outside edge. 6 1/2" in diameter and 3 1/4" high


Wulnut Bowl

Turned wood bowl. Walnut. 6 1/2" in Diameter, and 2 3/4" high



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