Prairie Dragon Tine (nordic bentwood box)

Nordic style Tine box with a snap-on lid. Made from Cherry and Curly Maple. FREE SHIPPING

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Tine (pronounced tee-nah) in Norwegian, means kit box. These bentwood boxes have a history that dates back to the Viking days. Made to be light weight, yet very strong. The early Norwegian immigrants, brought boxes like these to America holding their most valuable possessions.    

This box has hidden pins in the top that lock the top. To remove the top, use your thumb and index finger and flex the top away from the side about a 1/4", then lift one side of the top, and slid the top off. 

16" long, 7 " wide, and 7" high. Inside measurements are 11" by 6" by 3 1/2"

Finished with a tung oil and urethane on the outside, and a simple shellac sealer on the inside. This finish is hard and durable, and is easy to care for, with light dusting and an occasional cleaning with lemon oil polish.